Reviews about Sonic Travelogue :

“This is a ridiculously interesting album of supreme quality, sound, playing and material. Easy masterpiece, with all that sparkling piano as well as a real drummer and not some robotic pounder.”

“I just cant enough of this release, I have heard it a dosen times now and still the music herein opens new imaginative angles and visions at every spin!”

“This fabulous collection of instrumentals is going to be a difficult one to prize out of my CD player in the foreseeable future. If you like keyboard prog, then you should investigate this. You won’t be disappointed. »
Dutch Progressive Rock Page

“Sonic Travelogue” is a sensational sophomore album – even more bombastic, surprising, and memorable than its predecessor – being an indispensable item for any lover of keyboard-oriented Progressive Rock and Prog-Metal!”
Progressive Rock And Progressive Metal (Brasil)

« Chaque mélodie est évocatrice et invite l’auditeur à une douce rêverie. Si “Sonic Travelogue” n’a rien de réellement innovant, il représente avec panache le genre musical auquel il est affilié et s’impose comme un album d’une grande variété, accessible aussi bien au grand public qu’à un auditoire plus exigeant. »
Music Waves

« Sonic Travelogue » est un album dès plus intéressant qui offre une fabuleuse collection de musique instrumentale qui plaira à tout amateur de musique progressive de grande qualité. La production, les compositions et l’exécution sont de premier ordre. Ne vous gênez pas, c’est un des bons albums de l’année. »
Profil (Radio Progressive à Quebec)

Reviews about PBF’s first album:

“[…]« PROGRESSION BY FAILURE » instrumental album turns out to be a success for this first album of Nicolas Piveteau,. […] Pieces are made of nice melodies, powerful riffs and air ambiences and all titles allow us to discover a little more in the course of successive listenings. Amateurs of progressive should appreciate this first trial of the young French multi-instrumentalist.”

“If at first, this type of solo plan lets break a little of scepticism, but the listening of PROGRESSION BY FAILURE replaces it with a complete enthusiasm! Nicolas Piveteau gives birth here to an appealing, moving, captivating symphonic progressive ôde […]”

“[…] Irrefutably, the fellow has a real inspiration, and an indisputable talent to orchestrate it. Very good! ”

“[…] From a purely technical point of view, talent is there, unquestionably. Inspired, but not only, Piveteau lets leak out in the course of pieces an already well asserted personality, and shows that he does not content himself with writing« like». Melodic and wild, calm and sweltering, the various parts of the album confer on it a finally rather peculiar ambience, a small feat in a middle saturated with plagiarisms and with easy resumptions. […]”