Help the band to release the new album!

We just create a crowdfunding campaign on

For this new album, we want to offer a quality item, as the sound level (with mixing and mastering done by a professional), at visual  level (with a CD available in digipack format with 12-page booklet limited to first 500 copies).
Unfortunately this will have a cost. Crowdfunding is the ability to finance the production of the new album by thanking donors with a limited edition, which can add dedications, posters, demos of the album …
Crowdfunding allows everyone to help the project move forward and make sure to get the album before anyone else.

The overall project budget is estimated at a total of € 7,000, which includes the cost of the studio, the artwork, mixing, mastering, pressing of the album, posters, cds demos …
Much is already funded. But the sum of € 2,500 is still missing … It will fund the mixing, mastering and pressing of the album.
A lot of counterparties are offered to thank you for your participation in this project. Every contribution is important. Thank you for your support!


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